Sunday, May 27, 2012

Face Painting

Last Monday, I started taking this make-up class. Whenever I tell people this, they automatically assume I had a carry-over *sigh* Thanks for your concern, but I kinna know book. ( ˘~˘). So, I started taking a make-up (the art of face-painting) class. It's a two-week programme, which is probably why I'm gingered. I'm not a fan of any kind of school, except probably the School of Thought ( ._.)

The classes (several of them) are run by my church, Daystar Christian Center. No, I didn't build it, but I go there :) Anyhooz, my mum is like a church leader one kain one kain, so I warned her before I started..."Mummy", I said. "In case they come and report me to you, sorry in advance." -or something like that. For some reason, I tend to make all the noisemaker lists in whatever school I go. Not my fault ( ˘~˘). My parents should have made sure I attended British International School. With all the AC and oyinbo in the air, I would have lost any agbero 'Hattitude'.

Anyway, since the class started, I've kept to my values and principles. I'm a girl of my word. So, I've made a lot of noise in class. E easy? O_o. I'm also learning a lot of stuff. It's fun. Trust me, if you get to paint someone's face with whatever you like while keeping a straight face, you'll have fun too.

'My Dazzle' (our teacher's alias) gave us homework to do over the weekend. To do it, you need a human face and head. We're supposed to do make up for the face and then tie gele for the head. Yes, gele. I actually thought I would embarrass my parents when I first tried it in class. But to my amazement, it came out pretty good *wide grin*.

As I was saying, we were asked to do homework; so I begged my mother to volunteer her face. First thing she asked was, "How much?" *sigh* To make matters worse (for both of us), I told her I would have to fix fake eyelashes on her too. O_O "Lailai". She said. "My eyes? I hate make up oh, but I even hate eyelashes more. Ehn??? Never"...etc. I told her she didn't have a choice. She should have given me a sister if she knew she wasn't up to the volunteering task, innit? Yes, innit.

So I'm waiting for her to come home now so I can paint her face with a straight face*evil grin*.

Tick Tock...Tick Tock....

So she came home and I got a-painting. She grumbled her way through the entire process. One time I told her "Sorry". She said "Sorry for yourself". *sigh* She kept shaking this way and that till i actually started feeling sorry for myself. You're probably waiting to hear how the eyelash-fixing event went. Well it was pretty uneventful. To my surprise, she didn't call me too many names. She just grunted a lot and said things like, "I dont know how a human being will sit down and let them do this to her"; "Don't chook my eye oh."; "I'm getting tired, I will stand up oh."; "What's all these sef?"; "Mschew..." etc. The art of make-up is for strong men.

I don't think I did too badly :)...You agree, no?? If you agree *kissssses*...if you don't, oya come and be going. *wink*

Yours Truly, Rantalot.


  1. U did great(doin' dis for d kisses). She does look pretty. U could do wit some more practice though. Have u got a dog or cat? #okbye

  2. I think u did real good being that u haven't even finished the course. I'm sure ur mum wouldn't hesitate when called up for the next she on bbm *btw *love struck*

  3. i agree to the noise making part. that's just YOU!!!!!! but the face painting? hmmmmmmm, leave that for Morenike and Tega na ! lol........ nice blog. vist mine: (it's got sometin to do with "school of thought" (shebi i get am?)

  4. LOL @ grumbling through the whole process. Na real sorry for you! Turned out of, for a beginner. So you are coming to do mine next right? After you finish and PASS the class, thank you very much!

  5. this woman and smiling for pics sha

  6. Why? Why?? Why??? Did you decide 2... Never mind. Ur mum's real beautiful, think I now know where u got ur cute face from. Fair effort.


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