Sunday, May 27, 2012


Starting anything is usually exciting (except maybe a prison term). Excitement in the air. You're on Cloud 59 and you just can not wait to begin.

Eventually you do start and then you find it's not as rosy as you thought it'd be *straight face*. You're thinking..."nobody told me I'd actually have to stay awake for that long"; "All i wanted was the 5 million bucks at the end of the tunnel. Who said anything about actually going through the tunnel" *rolls eyes*.

I know the feeling. I totally do. I decided to start a blog (several years ago) *covers face*. I must have got a revelation from my Poppa (for future reference, you should know Poppa is God) ...anyway, I must have got a revelation, because I suddenly decided that the blog's time was here.

Turned out that I kinna had one already :) One of my lecturers made us open one as an assignment. Cool, innit?? So I set to re-designing, re-naming, re-engineering. re-gbogbo e. Slowly but surely, my smile faded. If anyone had warned me before hand that it would take as long as it did or that i would have to do that much thinking to get this ish up and running, I might have kept my blog-dream in dream land.

But here we are. *big smile, albeit fake* We're set. Along the line, I'll change things. Remove things. Somersault things etc... But for now, here we are. You're welcome to the RantLot and I'm Rantalot.

Hopefully, we'll get to know each other better. *wink* Meanwhile, it's past two in the morning and my mates are sleeping. Cash ya layrah.


  1. Nice.Looking forward to more 'rants' from you. by the way, methinks ur name should be 'Ranti'. Happy bloggin'.
    From a not-too-distant-caregiver-admirer

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere lady! looking forward to reading more of your razzness! :D

  3. iamdpsychosaintMay 27, 2012 6:39 PM

    Funny,she's bin "Anty Ranti" to me since forever. Well,hiaz hopin it takes off,gets as fast as a speeding train.....THEN JAMS U!!!! :)

  4. Er,more pls...

  5. Great display ov word play here. Rili artistic. I actually thought it was gonna be real ranting or just a bunch ov hullabaloo buh thank God I took a chance to read it thru. Gud job Rantalot. Keep it up. ;)


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