Saturday, March 2, 2013


Dear Readalot,

I went to Ikeja yesterday. On my way back, some guy stepped up to me and my friend.

GUY: You want to braid your hair?
ME: Nope
GUY: I'll do it well na.
ME: I'm ok. Don't worry.
GUY: What about pink lips? Come and do pink lips.
ME: *eyebrow raised* you say what?
GUY: Pink lips. Very fine. Let me show you picture.
MY FRIEND: I already have pink lips.
GUY: This one you'll have pink lips forever.

I was very curious, so I waited to see the picture. Dude showed me a picture of some light-skinned boy with a weird looking lower lip. I noticed the guy advertising had very dark lips. So I asked;

ME: Why don't you have pink lips?
HIM: boss has promised me.
ME: *raised eyebrow* Scam.

I guess what is good for the goose might not be all that good for the gander. Plus, if I wanted pink lips, I could very easily buy pink lipstick. Different shades even. So, I can have whatever shade of pink lips I want. #Winning.

Earlier today, I posted a picture of myself in the family group. My brother, Wozealot, asked why I have so few pictures. My mum, naturally, dissed me and said it's because I'm not fine like my mother. The conversation didn't go very well. At least, not in my favour. They eventually said I look like my father's girlfriend.

My sister-in-law, for some reason, thought they were talking about her daughter. She refused to sleep on it -

SISTER-IN-LAW: My daughter does not look like my husband's girlfriend ooooooh.
ME: Lmao. They were talking about me.
MUM: LMOL. Its not you oh...
ME: Mummy what is LMOL??
MUM: I don't even know. I thought that's what you used to write for plenty laughter.
MY BROTHER: Laughing My Only Laughter
ME: Laughing More Outwardly Loyally
MUM: Two of you are crazy.
MY BROTHER: Laughing Makes One Lighter
ME: LMOL!!!!!!

Yours truly, Rantalot.


  1. Hahahahaha!!! *crying*... Laughing My Only Laughter???? *faints*... *slots in my remix of Pls don't judge me'*... #NP Please don't wake me.. I wunt wake u oo... Hehehehe


  2. U need hep!not help simi rantalot...and maybe a little pink lips also..hehehe

  3. Gosh!!!!! Who are you!!!! ....laughing so hard!!!

  4. Lol...if thats a true story,then ur family shld hv a reality show..... im sure it'll be hillarious

  5. always habe a lovely/hilarious write-up to calm my nerves! Tanks...


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