Friday, January 11, 2013

Talent Hunters

Dear Readalot,

There's probably something you think you're really good at. A talent. A talent is something you know how to do very well. It's also something you enjoy doing and probably will do for free. (Please don't check Webster's dictionary to confirm my definition. You will be disappointed.)

There are different kinds of talent. Dancing. Rapping. Sports. Talking too much. Eating. Dumping boyfriends. Watching Movies. Partying. Acting. Falling in love. Failing Chemistry, etc. If you think your gift is better than someone else's, it's not your place to judge anyone.

The list is endless. The point, however, is that everyone is gifted at something. I know how many times I heard at school, church, camp that we're all talented and all we have to do is search until we find our talents. Unfortunately, some people have still not found theirs.

These people that never found theirs are divided into two major groups.

- THE "I will survive" GROUP

- THE "by force by fire" GROUP

The "I will survive" group is where you find those that decide to keep living their lives however they can, until they find their talents. They are survivors. This group is where you find Igbo boys studying Yoruba. Engineers working as bank cashiers. M.Sc holders working as policemen. They've done what they can but still haven't found what their hearts desire. Still they push on. Hoping for the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you look hard enough, you'll find that there are a lot of people in this group around you. Truth be told, there's a little of the "I will survive" group in all of us. Looking for something. Settling for anything until we get that something.

Then we have the "by force by fire" group. These group of people are special. They are also the major reason for this post. They don't settle. They find a talent they like and they 'chook' their head there. By Force. By Fire. It doesn't matter if they can actually do that thing. They do it anyway. In this group, you  will find people who have failed a class/course 5 times and still refuse to change or drop it. Surgeons that have killed about 90 percent of their patients. Electricians that constantly get electrocuted. Teachers that get fired several times because all their students fail...all the time. Actors/Actresses that are always looking into the camera even after they hear "ACTION". Drivers that manage to get into accidents as often as possible, etc.

These are the real talent hunters. They hunt a talent down and never catch it. They never give up on something that has apparently given up on them. Einstein defines insanity as "Doing something the same way and expecting a different result." He was talking about the "by force by fire" group.

I have always wished I could draw. Unfortunately for me, wishes are not horses. Still, I used draw on my school notes everyday....continuously. I must have thought that one day, the gift would fall upon me. It didn't.

My Opinion: Find what you're good at. Stick to it. If you haven't found it yet...Breathe, Eat, Laugh, Live, Love, Hope. Everyone's good at those. But please, I'm begging you - If you can't do it; leave it alone.

I was watching this video I made a couple of months ago of some 'by force by fire' peeps. They inspired me to write this. Enjoy...???

Yours truly, Rantalot.


  1. Lmaooooo..... True and funny at the same time.

  2. Nice piece. Kip it up

  3. Dat was a well articulated rant..a bit long-winded..but that's what rants aяε,innit? Hope u feel better,Ms Ranti..*wink*

  4. True words kinda late bt like new look of ur page

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