Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nothing is Permanent??

Nothing is certain. It's been said that change is the only constant thing. The guy that said that - his head is totally there.

A couple of days ago, I came out of the house. There's this tree in the compound, and perched on it was a cock. The thing looked so confident and proud sitting there. I was a bit far away so I moved closer in a bid to chase the thing off. Slowly, it turned it's head around and stared at me. Looked me square in the eye. I can bet my right leg that that animal spoke to me in mind language, but I need the leg to go out tomorrow.


Anyway, the cock spoke to me "Yes? What do you want?" I have some telepathy thing going on, so I replied, "What are you doing on our tree?" Mr. Chicken laughed. "Your tree shey? Is it you that put the tree there?" I paused. I thought about it. I was sure nobody in my family had planted the tree. So, I walked away. The tree was the cock's tree that day.

It's the same way, people buy cars and automatically think it's theirs. Sometimes, they park in one place and walk away feeling proud. The 'Na Me Get Am' attitude. However, after a while, several guys/girls start posing in front of the car to take picture. You can go through a guy's phone and you'll find pictures of him by a car that somebody else parked there. The buyer of the car finds out he's only a caretaker after all. He makes sure the thing is clean and looking good so the owners can use it.

This is also how the status of some kids changes regularly. On Monday, they may be motherless, Tuesday, Fatherless on Wednesday, and on Thursday, have parents again. Unfortunately for them, its not their fault. Parents can be very fickle. When a child does well in school, for example, the father will sing his praises. "That's my boy.".."He's my son." But the next day, he might do something bad and that's the day his father disowns him. "I'm sure this one is not my child." Then he'll tell your mum..."Whoever the father of this child is, take him back."

Mothers are much nicer. They say "Monkey no fine, hin mama like am." My mum, on the other hand, is in a class of her own. The other day she said I'm adopted. I said she should take me back to my parents that live in the big Hollywood mansion she stole me from. She said she picked me from the bin. So I should shut up or I was going to end back up in my 'first home'. *sigh* Other days, when I ask why I don't have curly hair like my brothers, she says I'm the gateman's daughter. ƪ(˘.˘)ʃ So you're getting my drift?? Nothing is certain.

Men have always believed they're the boss of their home. The head of the family. Oga. Daddy etc... This is the status they assume until their wives get pregnant. Some men travel the length of Lagos or Ibadan in one night. Living in Ikeja, he goes to Yaba to get a certain kind of ewedu. That's the exact one he has to get. But when he returns, the urge has changed. He has to go to Mowe to get one kind of plantain. And on his way back, he gets a call from wifey to branch and buy ice cream from one....*sigh* and he gats do am. So who is boss gan gan??

Even babes feel very cool with their bodies. "Don't tosh me." "I'm not in your class"...."Don't near me"..."No just try am" etc... Until they reach where they don't have mouth again. Reminds me of when I was a young budding teenager. That's when a lot of girls are most conscious of their bodies. Anyway,I had this horrible cough and  I went to go see the doctor. He decided he wanted to listen to something with his rope thing on his neck. Only God knows what, because he said I should remove my cloth. O_O I removed and removed. He still said I should keep removing. I was on the verge of telling him my heart is beating fine na. I wondered if he had hearing problems. But I complied cause I wanted to feel better. So I stayed there. All my shakara ended. I wasn't boss in that hospital room.

When I was done, I went out to my mum in the waiting room. I was livid. "Mummy, that evil man said I should remove my cloth. Can you imagine the violation?" ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) My mum jus looked at me and hissed. "What are you hiding?" She asked. (-_-). I can bet my left leg that you can't imagine how I felt (OK, I'm going to need that leg tomorrow as well.)

Even in school, when you lose something and someone asks you where that thing is, you say 'The real owners have taken it."

You may be boss today, but tomorrow might be another story. It's cruel maybe...but it is what it is ƪ(˘.˘)ʃ

Yours truly, Rantalot


  1. hehehehehe! cant stop laughing. U r just a case! l'm in total agreement wit u.
    About d cock, methinks u shuld c a shrink.
    As 4 d preggy wife, after she delivers its all over...
    I'm really feeling ur posts. u've gott me addicted!
    P.s was ur ma serious about d gateman thingie?(just curious)

  2. I remember that hospital visit clearly. i was there infact. loving ur blog...keep it goin sis.

  3. You were there? If you know that doctor, do tell him I'm going to find him and make him strip :p


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